“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to teach me some proper manners. It is something that will last a lifetime.”
Janine T.
“I really enjoyed your class on etiquette. I was really glad to have you instruct this course because you made learning very fun and comfortable. I know this class will help me feel more comfortable when I am in new situations.”
Russ T.
“Thank you for having this class. I really liked it.”
Simone T.
“Thank you for the class. I learned a lot. You’re very nice. Many thanks.”
William B.
“Gave our son an opportunity to learn more about manners and etiquette to be better prepared for social situations.”
M. Mayfield
“As Vickie’s parent I feel she gained a great deal of knowledge after spending just one day with you. I just hope she keeps up all the good habits she learned. Thank you so very much.”
S. Cox
“Are you ever impressed when a four year old sits quietly during a dinner or when a seven year old shakes your hand while making eye contact? Of course you are. But I didn’t know that growing up. I thought that everyone did those things. My mother had the foresight to teach me the proper way to handle myself at a young age, so that later it would be second nature.
Learning about her techniques was always exciting. I remember when my mom and I would go to Tea and I would use the skills that I learned. It was always a good time because, really, what’s more enjoyable than having a reason to eat pastries!
It wasn’t until much later that I learned to appreciate all of the things that I had been taught. Many things that were second nature to me, were unknown to others. And I believe that set me apart in many situations, whether it was my college interviews, or a dinner with other professionals. Some may say that things such as a good handshake or how to speak without using the word “like” five times in one sentence, aren’t important. Well they are important because people do notice and they quickly start to form opinions from that information. Why not gain the expertise to quickly help yourself stand out? So, thank you Mom for giving me the skill sets to excel in life and for, more importantly, making it fun and entertaining as well.”
Audra K. Bandy
“My daughter seems to have grasped many of the polite customs of our society. I am delighted that she seemed to enjoy herself in the process.”
C. S. Turconi
“My children thoroughly enjoyed the class. I think that a lot of what they learned will stay with them. Ms. Bandy made learning manners fun too. Definitely worthwhile.”
J. A. Gaugler
Jill said, “It was awesome”.
L. P. Zink

Adult Evaluations

“I enjoyed the session very much. Elaine, you are a delight. I know for certain your daughter is one lucky little lady! This information will be shared with my husband and son.”
C. Henrid
“You made me feel comfortable, when I expected stuffy. The visual aids really helped and the handouts will come in ‘handy’. Wish I had taken the other seminars. Next time. Thanks”