In the fast paced business world, building relationships is key. You only have 12 seconds to make a dynamic impact. Your interpersonal skills in business meetings, electronic transmissions and social occasions give you your level of Professional Presence. You want to Improve and Maintain your Appearance for Greater Effectiveness.

Research by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Institute has shown that 15% of your professional success is due to knowledge and technical skills. The other 85% of your getting, keeping and advancing in a job is due to people skills.

How would you rate your interpersonal skills? Did you know that you are judged first, by your appearance, second, by your behavior and manners, and last, by what you say?

At I.M.A.G.E. Development we help you to improve your people skills and promote yourself by learning the Five Steps to Professional Presence. By working to improve your interpersonal skills you will feel confident, competent and credible.

Key training points include making a good first impression with personal grooming, great posture, and appropriate business attire. You will learn the colors that convey authority and make an impact. You will also learn how to make an entrance that makes others take notice, proper handshakes, creating presence with eye contact, and proper introductions. Build your personal brand with effective communications skills, proper use of the telephone and internet — your virtual presence, and of course, being comfortable at the table with dining. Finally, you will know whose water or roll that is, with dining savvy.

At I.M.A.G.E. Development we teach the skills that will OPEN THE DOOR TO YOUR INNATE WORTH. You will become more effective in your day-to-day business.

“Effectiveness is really a matter of self-mastery. Self-mastery builds inner confidence.”

—Stephen Covey


If I were to ask you what is it that you want most for your son or daughter in life what would you answer be? Good health? Happiness? Success? Do you want them to have the ability to value themselves and to value others as well?

What assets do you feel your child needs to achieve these life goals? Self-pride? Self-confidence? Assertiveness? Independence in thought, action and spirit? The capacity to be comfortable with who they are so that they can be at ease in the world around them?

Of course you want all of this and more for your child. You want only the best!

How do you prepare your son or daughter to receive only the best? Through education? Yes. Through your love and support? Yes.

Are you covering all the areas of knowledge, of guidance with them so that they may be truly a successful, well-rounded individual? Are you giving then that “edge” they are going to need in today’s society? Are you handing them ALL the tools that it takes to be a completely confident individual? Eighty percent of what is and will be believed by others about your child is visual. The personal image your son or daughter projects will be the image that will remain in every social situation every college interview, job interview, every consideration for a major job promotion—in every circumstance involving any turning point in you child’s life. The investment in your son or daughter’s personal image now will pay dividends all through their lifetime.

My personal image and etiquette programs for children and young adults, will give your child all of the skills needed to become the happy self-assured, successful person you want them to be.

In the age appropriate Youth Enrichment Program your youngster will learn to:

  • Project an improved personal image.
  • Meet and greet people comfortably, while leaving a great lasting impression.
  • Introduce themselves with style and elegance.
  • Converse effectively and clearly.
  • Speak masterfully on the telephone.
  • Give a presentation in front of a group.
  • Write an interesting, gracious letter or thank-you note.
  • Contribute to the enjoyment of a meal with impeccable table manners.
  • Be a good host or hostess and a great guest.
  • Behave properly in public.

These are some of the topics covered in the Youth Enrichment Program. The dates and times of the program vary so please call for the current schedule. Private tutorials are available. I.M.A.G.E. Development welcomes providing classes for your church, school or group."

As a graduate, your son or daughter will be headed for the future, carrying with them what you have always wanted for them—the BEST OF EVERYTHING.

Career Savvy for Young Adults

This program is for young adults, grades 10 thru 12 to develop good pre-employment skills. The basics of personal grooming are covered—skin care, hair and nail care—grooming musts. Student will receive a basic kit of grooming products.

The RSVP Program

RSVP my personal image and etiquette program for young people in grades one thru five and six thru nine. Students will begin with Personal Appearances in which we go over grooming basics, skin care, hand care and basic body language. Your Carriage is next. Learning to stand, sit and walk with confidence and good posture. Make a positive impression by learning how to greet, shake hands and have eye contact while doing proper introductions. We go onto Art of Conversation and Listening Skills. Learning proper use of the telephone and how to take messages, letter writing, and thank you notes is also taught. Students will learn Dining Savvy, the uses of the napkin, the American style and the European style of dining and the silent message of the table setting and much more. In The RSVP Program students will learn the social and interpersonal skills and etiquette to feel comfortable and relaxed in any given situation. Your child will feel Responsible, Self-assured, Value oriented and Poised.

Little Ladies and Little Gents

Is my program to teach manners to three, four and five year olds. Topics taught to your preschooler are how to make a proper introduction, compose a thank you note, safety skills, telephone skills and dining skills.

Little Ladies and Little Gents consist of 10 chapters with 30 minute or one hour lessons.

All programs come with a tutorial meal, handbook, a certificate of achievement and a graduation celebration.

Class sizes are limited for individual attention.